Ocado’s website sucks

Ocado is so rubbish. Just spent half an hour putting things into my trolley under the impression that delivery is free then get told there’s a delivery charge.

Spend another half hour putting more stuff in get that delivery charge to zero. Then, on checking out, find 3 items have been removed from my trolley because they’re unavailable which brings the price under the amount.

Then you click Add to trolley on the replacements it suggests and next time you come round they’re still there. So, then you have to manually remove them and go hunting round for replacements to nudge it back up.

The other thing is they just don’t have certain things – e.g. the Bakery usually has packs of fresh biscuits which aren’t on the website. And the pictures are so small. E.g. the pack of raspberries could be anything – radishes, tomatoes…?

So, so frustrating. Hours of wasted time hunting round for replacements. It really is actually quicker to just go to the supermarket and pick up stuff off the shelf yourself. Incredibly that something so obvious – i.e. online shopping could be slower. The advantages of online shopping are so profound – i.e. no hunting round in the supermarket trying to find the item you’re after.

OK, back to my online shopping with Ocado. Ah, so Ocado mixed peppers are out of stock, but my Waitrose peppers are in my trolley. So, why have I got 2 separate Peppers in my trolley?

OK, solved that. But now Mayo and apples are out of stock. They weren’t 10 minutes ago. This is for a delivery at 6:30pm tomorrow!! Why don’t they just show me what’s available for that delivery?!

Groan – let’s try Sainsbury’s website.

Here’s a tip for all supermarkets. Deliver for free. Why do you charge us explicitly for the overhead of your delivery infrastructure but then implicitly for the overhead of your supermarket building rents, rates and running cost infrastructure?

Here’s my bet: Amazon Fresh will solve this problem and online retailers like Ocado and Sainsbury’s will go eventually go bust. Why? It’s all about making things easy to use. And they won’t charge for deliveries.